Why your brand needs Snapchat, stat.

kate ware

Kate Ware, BuzzPop Social

5 March 2016

I’ll be honest. I didn’t get Snapchat at first. In fact, I didn’t ‘get it’ until very recently. Perhaps as a digital marketer that’s something I shouldn’t admit to so publicly, but alas, it’s the truth.

At first glance, the interface is clunky and unintuitive, it’s difficult to find friends and, when you finally do, you just send a picture … that then disappears? The youth are obsessed it with 45% of users ages 18-24 so perhaps that’s also why I’ve stayed away – does anyone I know even use it?

This week, Forbes reported that Snapchat’s video traffic has now caught Facebook’s. Over 8 million videos are shared and watched on the app every day. That’s quite impressive! And if you’re a marketer, it’s also something that is hard to ignore. It turns out it’s not just ‘the kids’ hanging out there either – another 26% of users are aged 25-34 – a significant portion of the demographic that may actually align more brands to the channel than initially perceived.

So why add another social channel into your already stretched marketing budget? Snapchat allows you for you to get real. You know, like down and dirty real. Not like the overtly styled images as the ones which now flood our Instagram feeds. Not like the strategic and often overthought posts on Facebook just begging for likes. No, Snapchat encourages candid, ‘in the moment’, authentic content that forces brands to simply be themselves.

Over time, something began to get lost among the regular posts, tweets and shares of social media marketing, and that is heart. When brands first started dipping their toes in the social media waters, these new channels were intended to show their personality; a way to add fun and flair to what had historically been an expected, ‘corporate’, conservative attitude to marketing. Social media was (is!) also meant to be about encouraging conversations and listening to consumers. Somewhere along the way, many brands forgot all of this, and fell into the trap of using their social media channels as just another platform to broadcast their message. Others simply missed the memo and used social for traditional marketing and advertising anyway.


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While some Aussie brands are killing it on Snapchat right now, the reality is that they’re few and far between.  With access to an estimated 2 million Australian users, the right Snapchat strategy could very well help your brand to reconnect and engage with your audience on a shared level and offer you a huge point of difference from your competitors.

Vino Mofo is a particular standout, offering their ‘Snappers’ exclusive deals, competitions, tips and tastings and a no-holds-barred, behind the scenes look at what life is like in ‘Mofo’ headquarters. Their social team fully embraces Snapchat and you genuinely feel like part of their ‘family’. For a brand that’s already bursting with personality, their Snapchat only further cements their we’re-so-cool-we-can-even-swear-in-our-name appeal.

Author and illustrator, Dallas Clayton, sends happy snaps out to his followers, showering your smart phone screen with the kind of beautiful, inspiring and perspective changing images he’s known for.

Celebrities and bloggers including In Spaces Between’s, Rachel MacDonald, understand the value of extending their value proposition to Snapchat, offering candid and off-the-cuff face to camera videos. The quick and easily digestible Snaps give followers of these brands insight and engagement at the click of a button.

Snapchat is disrupting the safe and expected social media channels, taking us all back to where social began. It’s forcing brands to once again be open to creating authentic, honest, interesting content for their audience and showing them who they really are.

So, the question remains, what are you waiting for?  “The Chat” awaits…!

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