Instagram stories will not be the end of Snapchat.

Kate Ware, BuzzPop Social

1 September 2016

So Zuckerburg decided to do a Melania Trump and rip-off Snapchat, as perfectly meme’d here. Some are calling it a gamechanger, others the death of Snapchat.

What we know is that Snapchat’s users have been on the increase for years, with the number of daily Snapchat users now overtaking the amount of daily Twitter users. This has seen Snapchat shift from a niche social network into somewhat of the mainstream. (It’s big, you guys!) Older users had begun jumping on board, brands were really starting to pay attention, and then BANG! Instagram (owned by Facebook) plays the copy card and introduces Instagram Stories.

Instagram/Facebook have long felt threatened by Snapchat and have launched similar attacks in the past in an effort to shut them down. So why is this one any different? Well, because Snapchat was at a critical point of engagement with the masses — more and more people and brands were moving over and sharing their resources with Snapchat so Instagram had to make a move. A big one.

However, before you ditch your Snapchat strategy and become an Instagram monogamist, here are 5 reasons why I think it’s worth continuing to invest your time and budget in Snapchat:

Don’t get me wrong! I am a big fan of Instagram Stories!

1. Instagram content is controlled by an algorithm.


And so they decide who sees your content. Snapchat views are entirely driven by the user. So while it’s tricker to build your audience on Snapchat, when they’re there, they are likely to be more engaged and willing to consume your content.

2. Snapchat’s audience is committed and loyal to the platform.


Snapchat’s initial appeal for younger users was that their parents weren’t playing there. Overtime, the instant, immediate and genuine nature of the platform resonated and passionate brand ambassadors were born. The seismic shift of users moving to Snapchat meant that once they understood the, at times tricky, interface they were hooked.

3. Instagram is aspirational, while Snapchat is reality — this hasn’t changed with the introduction of Instagram stories.


You don’t need to carefully curate your Snapchat Story; the organic nature of the channel means it’s automatically ‘you’. Instagram, however, requires careful curation to ensure your feed is visually on-brand.

4. Lenses & Geofilters.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages Snapchat has right now are those awesome augmented reality lenses that so fancifully update each day. In addition to that, are the location-based filters which have only recently been made available to advertisers in Australia. For brands, the use of geofilters can give enormous real-time exposure to Snapchat users in a really fun way — less advertisement and more advertorial, if you will? But if Instagram just released Stories, no doubt it’s only a matter of time before they try to take up this kind of functionality too.

5. Snapchat are innovators and will continue to be.


Snapchat has taken Facebook and Instagram head-on since their inception and I can’t imagine will go down without a fight. They have built a strong network of loyal followers who are super passionate about their product and will want to continue building and growing what they started when Snapchat was launched in 2011.

So there you have it! It’s still too early to jump on the Instagram Stories bandwagon and write Snapchat off. Despite this, it is still a dangerous time for Snapchat and they will need to return serve with some serious intellectual force if they are to survive this. Let’s watch this space….

“What do you think? Will Instagram Stories knock Snapchat off it’s perch?”

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