How business’ can be more human on social media

Kate Ware, BuzzPop Brands

21 February 2020

It’s no secret that talking social media for business is one of my favourite things to do. So what a delight it was to be asked as a guest on Brand Builders (Ticker TV) recently. Not only did I get to do one of my favourite things but I got to do it with some of the best social and content brains in the business – host Trevor Young and social superstar and all-round legend, Cherie Clonan of The Digital Picnic.

launch strategy

BuzzPop Brands Director, Kate Ware, with Cherie Clonan of the Digital Picnic and host of Brand Builders, Trevor Young.

Social media was always designed for brands to be more human, but it’s been a challenging concept for some – easier said than done! On Brand Builders, we delved into what consumers now expect from brands online and spoke about practical ways businesses can engage with their audiences there.

Trevor challenged us with a rapid quickfire pop quiz on all the social media platforms (spoiler alert: for brands, Snapchat is dead) and why it’s important for businesses to consider their content strategy for each of the platforms they choose to be active one. 


The full episode is now live on YouTube. Catch it now below!


Kate Ware is a social media strategist based in Geelong and Melbourne and Founder of BuzzPop Brands; social media for business’ who command (the right kind of) attention.

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