5 really good things on the internet now.

Kate Ware, BuzzPop Brands

24 May 2019

We know the internet can at times be a bit of a negative place. So to start your Monday off right, we’re kicking off the week with 5 really awesome things online right now. Enjoy!


  1. Jacinda Adern on LinkedIn – OK, we’ll admit, we’re pretty much a fan of anything this Prime Minister of New Zealand does. She speaks like a human, she is compassionate and, well, real. (Why does this have to be so shocking?!) She has excellent policies and there’s no doubt the world would be a better place if more leaders followed her style. In addition to all of this? She also slays it on LinkedIn, Facebook and all of social media. Just watch this video of her explaining her recent trip to Paris. Can you be our BFF now, Jacinda?
  2. Yia Yia Next Door on Instagram – Not so much a brand, but just an Italian guy, who lives next door to a Greek woman (Yia Yia) documenting their relationship over the side fence. OK, so she basically just delivers him her home cooking and he helps take her to Coles or fill up the car with petrol. But it’s just a lovely ongoing story of kindness and sharing and how getting to know your neighbour might just end up in never having to do the dishes again.
    UPDATE: I’ve just read this article which details the back story of the boys behind Yia Yia next door. Spoiler alert: it’s actually pretty heartbreaking. But, despite the history, the sentiment of this account doesn’t change, in fact, I think it makes it even more meaningful. Grab the tissues, or don’t. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Let’s share the love. When you see some awesomeness on socials, tag #buzzpopforbetter to celebrate business’ using the interwebz for good.


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How can you use your digital platforms to make the world a better place?

3. Ten Tree: the world’s most sustainable social post 
On the 22nd of April Ten Tree, a sustainable clothing brand, ran a post known as the ‘World’s most sustainable social media post’. They challenged people to like the post and the number of likes within a certain amount of time equated to how many trees they will get. For 5 million likes they are planting 500k trees and for 20 million likes they will plant 1 million trees. They are currently on 15,562,288 likes and are well on their way to proving they’re a sustainability brand who practices what they preach.

  1. The Streets Barber – Geelong 

Nasir Sobhani is a barber who gives haircuts to homeless people and shares their stories on his Instagram. He uses his platform to share stories of his own struggles with mental illness and drug addiction as well as the stories of the people he helps. Think HONY with a social purpose.

“A clean cut can lead to a new life” is his motto, and he offers free haircuts to those less fortunate to allow them to be proud of themselves.  He is now employed at a barber shop in Geelong known as The Streets Barber Shop, which gives a % of their profits to charity.


  1. Ben and Jerry’s ‘Vote for Climate’ – OK, so this is a little late considering last Saturday’s ‘climate election’ has been run and lost (for the climate, that is). Ben and Jerry’s are well known for making political and ethical statements and in the lead up to this year’s Federal election, they campaigned hard for positive action for climate change. If an ice-cream brand can make such a significant political statement, there’s no reason why your business can’t too.


With all these awesome examples of ‘good’ on the internet, it’s time we all chipped in to celebrate more people and business’ making a positive impact on our digital lives. Make sure you tag #buzzpopforbetter to share your finds and don’t forget to ask yourself what YOU can do to make the internet (and world) a better place.

Kate Ware is a social media strategist based in Geelong and Melbourne and Founder of BuzzPop Brands; social media for business’ who demand attention.

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