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Clarity + Direction workshop

It can be hard to find the right words to describe your business; you know in your mind but if someone asks what you’re all about, you fall over your words and it never comes out quite right. When you’re trying to market yourself online and there’s no clear direction, your audience just ends up confused.

What you need is this three-hour, one on one workshop to bring focus to your business and set you up for ongoing success.

This workshop distills all of your ideas into key messages so you understand exactly who it is you’re speaking to, how to speak to them and what you need to say when you’re at it.

This workshop

was designed

just for you if:

  • Your business has evolved since you started and you’re a bit unsure of where you’re at and what you’re saying

  • You’ve got a big idea and you need someone to translate it into digestible, meaningful (useful!) pieces

  • Your social media and digital marketing isn’t working effectively
    and you don’t know why

  • You want to start a new business and begin with the right foundations for the best chance of success!

Your 1:1 Clarity + Direction workshop includes

  • Goal planning
    An extensive goal planning exercise to establish where you want to go in your business
  • Creation of your business vision
    This is the aspirational goal that motivates you to get out of bed every day
  • Articulation of your business mission
    What is your core purpose? Your business’ reason for being?
  • Formation of your core values
    This set of guiding principles will form the foundation for every aspect of your business operations; from culture to operations to marketing and customer service.
  • Understanding your unique service proposition and positioning
    What makes you unique? How do you do what you do better or differently than anyone else? Understand your place in the competitive landscape and leverage this!
  • Definition of your target market and ideal client avatar/s
    Take a deep dive into your ideal client to understand their pain points and what makes them tick at an intrinsic level.


Clarity + Direction workshops can be conducted face to face or via Zoom.

See your business in new light

Need more convincing?

• Know where you’re heading and the steps you need to take

• Sell your business with purpose and conviction

• Feel more confident marketing your business

• Inject an invigorated sense of purpose into your future

I’d shout this lady’s name from the rooftops if I could!

Kate from BuzzPop Brands has worked with me to finally get clear on my brand strategy and we are now aligning everything back to that. It’s like I’m finally seeing my vision come to life.

If you need help getting clear on your values, your purpose, your mission – all the stuff that makes your biz/brand tick – get in touch with Kate. This woman is a marketing, branding and socials powerhouse!!

Ani Tuna

Founder, MumLife Australia

Why hello there! I’m Kate!

Your host for your Clarity + Direction Workshop!

As a digital strategist and branding expert, I help people create exciting, cohesive, strategic and successful brands
and then bring them to life on social media… and beyond!

And I’m kind of (a lot) qualified to toot my own horn, – because I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (with a triple major in Marketing, Management and E-Commerce Management to boot). I’ve worked with some massive brands like Cadbury, Kmart Australia, the 2016 Australian Census, Peroni, Bulmers, Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft Peanut Butter, RMIT University, Melbourne Water, Bureau of Meteorology, Pacific Hydro and Energy Australia.

Imagine the magic we could make together?


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