Smarter social media for success!

Join us at the Geelong Small Business Festival 2021

So your social media is taking up all of your time, and not working how you need it to…

You’re overwhelmed with all the things you think you should be doing online but you’re not sure how to prioritise what’s best for your business?

You’re spending a *whole* lot of money on your social media but it’s simply not converting?


Learn how to be a smarter social media marketer with Kate Ware from BuzzPop Brands. 


In this one-hour session, Kate will take you through how best to analyse and review your current social media activity and how to design a strategy that not just aligns with your business goals and objectives but one that helps you reach them too!



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BuzzPop Brands enhances brands for the better.

  • Brand strategy for razor-sharp clarity & direction
  • Digital marketing strategy that gives your the breadth and depth of exposure you need for success
  • Content strategy so you can speaks directly and authentically with your ideal customers
  • Digital audits to leverage your strengths, expose your weaknesses and ultimately help you grow
  • Complete social media management so you can get off the tools and back to business – no worries
  • Social media advertising management to reach your ideal clients even when they’re not in your existing network