Two heads are better than one.
With BuzzPop and your brand, together we can create something big.

digital marketing expert

Hi, I’m Kate Ware.

When I’m not searching for the latest pop-up restaurant or drinking coffee at my favourite Melbourne haunt…

I’m helping business owners create digital marketing strategies that sell their products and services and boosting their reputation online.

(I’m also ticking ‘taste all of the gins’ off my bucket list and having complete text message conversations using only gifs.)

But enough about  me….

What about you?

  • You’re a big picture thinker – a visionary – who just needs someone
    to come in and give you a bit of strategic clarity
  • You’re a time-poor biz owner and you want the best for your business
  • You recognise how valuable digital marketing is, but no-freakin’-idea how to get started
  • Maybe you’ve dabbled in social media, but something just ain’t right
  • You want meaningful content that shouts your key messages from the rooftops
  • You want to build a supportive online community of people who rave about your brandto their nearest and dearest
  • You’re passionate and purpose-driven and you genuinely want your business to succeed

… And you probably want someone else to take care of that for you,
so you can get back to doing what you love, right?


Yeah, I thought so.


You need someone with over 10 years’ experience in communications, graphic design, digital marketing and social media strategy. You need someone who doesn’t muck around. You need someone who’s a closet show-tunes tragic! Wait, what?

Call off the search party.
I’m right here!

I’m not phased if your brand is a large corporate, small business or startup – I’ve done it all.

And I can do it for you.

As a social media, digital marketing strategist and branding expert, I help people create exciting, cohesive, strategic and successful brands and then bring them to life on social media… and beyond!

Plus, I’m a massive data nerd so there’s no chance of me freaking out with big spreadsheets when it comes to metrics
and analysis.

And I’m kind of (a lot) qualified to toot my own horn, too – because I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (with a triple major in Marketing, Management and E-Commerce Management to boot). I’ve worked with some massive brands like Cadbury, Kmart Australia, the 2016 Australian Census, Peroni, Bulmers, Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft Peanut Butter, RMIT University, Melbourne Water, Bureau of Meteorology, Pacific Hydro and Energy Australia.

Pretty cool, huh?

Our Promise.
Working together means…


We work seamlessly along side you to grow your business ‘baby’ as if it was our own.


Strategic direction to give your brand focus and to keep you ‘on brand’ and ‘on message’, always.


When we work together, all you have worked for in your business is in safe and experienced hands.


Eliminating the overwhelm that comes from marketing your own business or startup.

Let’s do it!