Introducing BuzzPop Brands 2.0

Pop the champagne (because it’s 5pm somewhere) and BuzzPop Brands has a bright new look and focus as a full-service Geelong digital agency.

We’ve been busy beavers this year working hard on our fresh ideas and offerings we are at last excited to share.

Pour yourself a glass of your chosen tipple and get ready to hear about all the big and bold changes happening at BuzzPop. 


Our core team has grown!

BuzzPop Brands has been around for some time (ahem almost 8 years!), but over the last 12 months, we’ve gone through a growth spurt.

We’ve been enticing the crem de la crem of Australian marketing talent – highly experienced creatives and result-driven strategists – to form a core team of brand-focussed stars who offer a full-service scalable agency experience for our clients.

Our digital agile team are keen collaborators, working closely together across the creative, strategic and technical pillars of your brand marketing. 

They’re also across the ever-changing, fast-paced nature of the macro environment to get results in today’s and tomorrow’s market (because, as we know, the marketing landscape is always evolving).

Expanded service offerings

With a new core team, comes new roles and responsibilities…

Social media has always been the beating heart of BuzzPop Brands and of course, our social roots remain.

However, we’re no longer just a Geelong social media agency.

We have a new outlook and positioning as a multi-faceted digital brand management agency, working with large and small B2B and B2C brands.

Our brand, social media, digital marketing, paid media, and content creator mavens can take care of everything for you and have proven experience and wealth of industry knowledge ready to be unleashed.

BuzzPop Brand’s breadth of work now includes everything from:

・All things Strategy (Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy)
Search Engine Marketing (PPC Marketing, Google Ads, SEM Campaign Design and Management)
・Social Media Marketing (Social Media Strategy, Content & Imagery Creation, Social Media Management, Social Media Reporting, Social Media Listening, Community Management)
Email Marketing (Email Marketing Strategy, Email Content Creation including Copywriting, Email Marketing Management)
Content Production + Management (Website Copywriting, Blog Copywriting, Video and Photography, Art Direction)
Brand Marketing (Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Brand Audits, Brand Messaging, Brand Positioning, Brand Voice, Brand Collaborations and Partnerships, PR).
Influencer Marketing (Strategy, Outreach and Campaign Management)

Your entire digital strategy and execution is safe in our hands.

Your local agency with global experience

The best part: we’re still your local Geelong digital marketing agency with even more global reach and experience.

This means, you’re not just a number on the books for us. No siree!

We take great pride in the relationships we build with our clients, taking a deep dive into the brands we manage to deliver a watertight strategy that’s 100% tailored to you.

Our cherry-picked team have a unique skillset working with business owners, C-suite executives through to marketing managers looking to outsource tasks to free up time. It’s a win-win.

Time to create some brand buzz?

If you’ve just landed here and want to learn more about how we can help create some buzz at your brand, let’s chat!