What is ClubHouse and why is it the next biggest thing?

What is clubhouse?
Clubhouse is new on the scene of social, a voice-only social media app currently in beta mode. The exclusive invite only app is made up of rooms moderated by users of the app, mimicking a live podcast where the audience can listen in and ask questions of the host. Members of the audience can do this by ‘raising their hand’ or by taking the ‘stage’ at the approval of a moderator.

Who is clubhouse for?
Clubhouse is an app for anyone and everyone, not just professionals or businesses. The rooms range from technology, wellness and the arts to faith and world affairs, creating space for all topics of discussion.

It’s worth noting that whilst there is a place for everyone on this app, in order to succeed as a brand, you’ll have to find your niche to ensure your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears.
Clubhouse is the newest exclusive app to be added to the social media landscape.

Why is clubhouse refer only?
Clubhouse is in it’s beta phase at the moment and is only available to iphone users. Clubhouse is ‘refer only’, which is a scarcity tactic aiming to drive demand and generate talk about the exclusive app.

How will clubhouse benefit you?
Clubhouse offers businesses to build a community and showcase their knowledge and authority whilst connecting with others. You are given a chance to share your insights and intelligence with your chosen niche audience.

As a business you’ll be able to share industry challenges as well as connect with individuals and other business owners and learn from them and their experiences. Ultimately, as with any platform the early adopters get a head start – so if you can get on there, do it!

How to become part of the club?
To get an invite to clubhouse you’ll need to download the app and secure a username. If you already have friends on the app, they’ll be notified that you’re waiting and can accept you.
If not – beg your way! Put a call out on social media and ask. Be sure to use the #clubhosue as a stranger may even be open to letting you in.
Some tips to begin:

1 jump on board – get yourself an invite and get accustomed to the app
2 have a killer bio – one that clearly talks to who you are, how you can help and includes really clear calls to actions on how people can further connect with you
3 remember the rules of engagement – be nice, be respectful. There has recently been some negative press on clubhouse about the behaviour of some users, so we recommend you be polite and kind to others on the app.
4 join and participate in rooms – practice ‘putting your hand up’ and speaking which will help you get noticed and help build your following.
5 follow the speakers of the room you’re in
6 join clubhouse focused rooms – find out how to use the app and how to get the most out of it in clubhouse focused rooms (particularly if you’re interested in becoming a moderator)
7 host your own room – use your genius! Show your audience what you want to be known for and express your knowledge.
1 co-host a room with a colleague or peer – add value together and lean on each other to build confidence in moderating.
8 keep showing up – as with any social media network, when building a community showing up and building regular connections is key to finding an engaged audience.